Inkling Team

I have been working with Inkling Communications for quite some time now. They are a great team of really creative people. When I was asked by the team there to come into the offices and do some staff headshot's I couldn't resist. Being based in Holborn studios, Inkling already had a great all white meeting room, which apparently used to be a natural light studio. All I had to do on the day is take my camera gear (Nikon D7100) a flash and a Gary Fong Lightsphere (my weapon of choice) to get rid of unwanted shadows.

Sticking to a natural look, which in my opinion most headshot are, no photoshop was required for the final images and just some minor adjustments using CaptureOne instead.

UPDATE: Oh I almost forgot to mention, all photos were shot in RAW format. The reason I like to shoot in RAW instead of JPEG is that with RAW it's sort of like working with a blank canvas, whereas when you are shooting in JPEG format the camera makes the decisions i.e. how much contrast, sharpness is applied & colour temperature etc. With the powerful RAW format, you are able to apply all of these adjustments in post production to your liking and feel more confident about overall consistency with your images.

Thanks for reading!