A Traditional wedding

Last week I shot my very first traditional Asian wedding. I was recommended to the groom by a mutual friend, who told him I would be able to deliver the results required for his special day, although I had not shot one of these special occasions before!

What you need to remember is that, with traditional cultural weddings, there are different structures compared to the traditional English wedding, which I am normally used to. You are rarely able to ask questions on the day  as it can get very manic. Fortunately for me, I had knowledge prior to attending. Oh I forgot to mention the fact that I was booked in at very short notice for this.

The groom generously arranged a driver to come over and collect me from my home and I was then taken to the grooms house, where we took various family portraits and reportage style shots of traditional activities i.e. the groom being fed by family members (pictured above) to start off with. I carried on snapping away from the first location through to the venue using my favourite style of capturing moments (reportage) you could hardly tell I was there! Of course there were posed pictures in between with friends, family and other key figures.

All in all, it was a great day with great people, great food and a really joyous occasion, which I will surely be doing again in the near future!

  Thanks for reading!