Corporate headshots

Last week I did some reportage style shots for a marketing campaign, as well as some staff headshots for a  really great business I work for on occasions. I would have to say I very much enjoy doing corporate headshots. I guess It's because it's one of those rare occassions that  I get to have a chat with a variety of different people from all different walks of life one after the other. whilst attempting to make them feel comfortable in front of my lens, which can be very initimidating. I tend to understand and often see how nerve-racking getting your photos taken for anything can be, whether its a standard passport picture or whatever.

I usually show my subjects the different outcomes, which they are usually pleased with and collaborate on the final decision of the best expression (not too cheesy ofcourse and not too serious) tends to work really well. I often  will guide the subject to the a good decision so it feels like a joint collaboration and not just a boring old shoot-and-go atmosphere which I have experienced myself in the past.

"It's not like simply taking a selfie now is it?"


Thanks for reading!